1-2 Year Curriculum


During the second year of your little Nobles life there are leaps and bounds to be conquered. During this year your child's ability to assert and communicate gets much stronger. Your child will thrive in an environment that is patient and responsive. At Baby Bliss we will look to learn your child's communication methods and move with them. We will personalize all activities to adhere to their language progress while using our Infant/Toddler Curriculum to nurture them through one of the most important years of their lives. With children this age we will develop and assess the following areas and more...


1. Sense of Self-

  • child will begin to solve problems encountered during activities and play

  • child will begin to do things for themselves

  • child differentiates themselves from others and develops an understanding for individual differences


2. Social Relations-

  • begin to build relationships with peers

  • express a wider array of emotions and learn to do so with control

  • learn about empathy and needs of others


3. Creative Representations

  • child begins to imitate 

  • learn to build according to specified instructions

  • explore "pretend" play 

4. Communication and Language

  • child learns to listen and respond accordingly

  • explore and put words to picture books

  • development of verbal language 


5. Exploration and Early Logic

  • child discovers object permanence

  • exploration of how things are same or different

  • introduction to numbers

  • begin to observe and experience people and things from different perspectives