2-4 Year Curriculum

Encompassing our "terrible two's" or should we say "terrible three's" these very important years of your child's life will provide some of the biggest milestones yet! These are years of independence, language, and school preparation. Children need to be in the care of someone who understands them, works with them, and has patience to drive through those endless battles which are bound to be great learning experiences. Miss Kaya has studied child development of these years very closely and looks forward to making the "most challenging" years some of the most rewarding years for you and your little Noble. Through our Infant/Toddler Curriculum we will work with your child to develop in the following areas and more...


Sense of Self-

  • Problem solving skills 

  • expressing needs and wants with controlled verbal cues

  • able to say his/her name and age

  • child will verbally identify a problem before attempting to solve it

  • begin attempting self help tasks on their own (i.e- washing hands, getting dressed, etc.

Social Relations-

  • child recognizes, assess, and ultimately interacts with unfamiliar adult

  • child approaches another child by name

  • child realizes and reacts to the emotions of another child

  • begins to show empathy towards other children

Creative Representation-

  • child begins to tell stories

  • engages in pretend play

  • sort objects by shape and color

  • puts themselves into various "characters"

Communication & Language-

  • ​begin to speak in sentences

  • begins to enjoy repeating rhymes, songs, stories

  • able to answer descriptive questions

  • exploration of picture books

Exploration & Early Logic-

  • child begins to experience time

  • child notices and anticipates the "beginning" and "end" of activities

  • begins to see things from different perspectives

  • child begins to experience "fast" and "slow"