Baby Bliss Concierge is proud to provide your little Noble with an enriching, descriptive program called Infant/Toddler curriculum. Studies have proven that in the first 4 years of a childs life the neurons in their brains fire at a greater rate than any other time in their lifespan. For this reason children of this age respond and learn most effectively in a personalized, responsive curriculum that meets the unique need of each child. With our one of a kind low child-teacher ratio, Miss Kaya will spend time getting to know your child and their needs, and collectively with your desires will create days filled with activities and crafts to most effectively enhance their learning. The following is a guideline to what our programs will include.


Infant/Toddler Curriculum

All children will be observed and assessed in 5 main areas including

1. Sense of Self

2. Social and Emotional Relations

3. Creative Representation

4. Communication and Language

5. Exploration and Early Logic


Within each of these categories Miss Kaya will introduce you to Key Development Indicators in which we will work together to reach distinctive developmental milestones. You will be provided with a recurring assessment and will always be involved in the altercation and development of your childs daily program.


All curriculum will be "taught" through activities that will be personalized based on your individual desires . Baby Bliss will provide activities such as

  • circle time

  • arts & crafts

  • music 

  • dance

  • sign language

  • cooking

  • workbooks


Please click on the links below to see an overview of curriculum per age group.