"What infants need is the opportunity and time to take in and figure out the world around them" - Magda Gerber

6-12 Months


During these months your child is most in need of responsive, adaptive childcare. Through observational learning we will work together to get to know your Nobles personality, provide them with enriching and appropriate daily acitivties and will provide you with recurring assessments to track your child's progress. The following is a snapshot of the developmental milestones we will look to teach your little one in this age group.


1. Sense of Self-

  • eye tracking

  • individual ability to initiate or avoid certain objects

  • physical movement until reaching an object or person of interest

  • Child uses vocal cues to express needs


2. Social Relations-

  • enriching your childs ability to socialize with other children

  • response of child to certain sounds or gestures

  • child takes interest in watching other children


3. Creative Representations

  • allowing your child to correspond and relate to their favorite toys/activities

  • exploration of building and art materials

  • tracking "stare" time at familiar vs. unfamiliar pictures/objects

4. Communication and Language

  • child listens to certain sounds and responds with interest

  • child begins to respond with nonverbal cues

  • development of a give-and-take relationship in which child learns to divert attention 

  • learning your childs ways of communication and harboring it for deeper learning chances

  • potential development of Infant Sign Language should parent be interested


5. Exploration and Early Logic

  • child learns to explore objects with hands, nose, feet, and eyes

  • development of cause-and-effect relationships

  • children learn about "space." Taking things in and out, filling and emptying, taking apart and putting back together

  • child begins to anticipate certain activities & events